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The year 2020 was a year of crisis, even apart from the pandemic. The crisis had only re-enforced old problems. The injustices of racism, sexism and class were only reinforced. A look back at some of the problems.


Since March, many in the catering industry a.k.a. "Gastro" have been struggling with massive wage losses. Therefore, many of us listened closely when on December 18, the parliament passed 100% short-time compensation for the low wages. The first pay slips now show that the reality is far from it. Hourly wage earners get a maximum of 81%, monthly wage earners a maximum of 92%.



Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, the catering industry has also been suffering. Since summer, the situation has become more desperate. The closures may be appropriate to the situation, but without compensation many businesses will not survive the next few months. We, the Workers in the catering sector have to defend ourselves now


Interview with an Amazon worker in Italy about Resistance and Organizing workers around the world.


The Solifon is still active. There are new shifts, though.



A cooperation of FAU Bern, Gastrakollektiv, IWW JAM and Solnet now also offers telephone advice in connection with the current crisis. With this means we try to actively intervene in the debate. You can find more information about this under:




The death toll is rising rapidly. The Corona-pandemic hit Italy hard, the health system is collapsing. Also due to the fact, that it was cut to pieces.

Every Year new cuts in personel and equipment, every day more stress and abysmal working conditions. For the Health Workers, the current crisis was a matter of when, not if. The state and regions didn't even bother to prepare, when Sars-CoV-2 hit China and a pandemic was a matter of time.

Read the full statement of the Health Workers of the italian grassroots Union USI here.

[Eine teilweise Übersetzung auf deutsch findet sich hier: ]




Solidarity with Percy! Against the scandalous dismissals of workers who insist on observing the rules on safety and health in the workplace.